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Commander William Adama was supposed to be retired by now. He's a veteran of one war, and he's put in over forty years with the Colonial Fleet.

Now he's a veteran of two wars, and he's the man in charge of the Colonial Fleet. President or no president, civilians would be long-gone if it weren't for the military. Adama's the man in charge of all that's left of the human race.

That number used to be bigger by billions.

And then the Cylons destroyed the twelve Colonies.

His job isn't to be liked; it's to keep people alive. To keep people safe. The president can worry about being liked if she wants.

Bill Adama has a ship to run, and plenty of other ships to protect.


He's soft-spoken, even when provoked. Perhaps especially when provoked. Adama maintains calm without much effort under the vast majority of circumstance. When he was a Viper pilot, flying a fighter, his call sign was Husker; listening to him speak now makes it easy to see why. His people call him the Old Man (he knows that, even if they don't do it to his face), but he's not that old -- he's still on the near side of sixty.

His face is cragged, and his eyes are an unexpectedly intense shade of blue.

He wears wire-rimmed spectacles when he needs to see -- in command in the CIC, while studying, while thinking, while making a decision. Often while meeting with the president.

He's good with his hands. He's got too many books for his quarters -- they sit in neat rows along the floor against every wall, just as if they were on a shelf. He never drinks to excess.

The Battlestar Galactica is home; her crew is his family -- all the family he's got left. He lets them know that, when he needs to. He also lets them know that the men and women they serve with are all the family they have left.

But Bill Adama is lucky, luckier than most survivors, and he knows that: he's still got his son Lee.

Bill Adama doesn't often do displays of emotion. He tells people he doesn't do guilt. He doesn't think there's any point in second-guessing. There's just what you can live with, and what you can't; and what you can't, you don't do.

William Adama (formerly [ profile] callsignhusker) is from the revamped, revitalized Battlestar Galactica. He's the property of Ron Moore and the Sci-Fi Channel, among others, and certainly not me. This is a role-playing journal for [info]milliways_bar. No infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.
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